Marc Martinez

Producer | Songwriter

Marc is the co-boss of Groove Ventures Music and one half of the production duo Hit Incorporated. Born to a single mother in Cuernavaca, Mexico, Marc immigrated to the U.S. with his mother at the age of one. Marc’s first experience with music was playing 80’s Disco on his uncle’s turntables for backyard parties at the age of fourteen.

By age nineteen Marc had saved up enough money to buy his first digital music workstation and drum machine. With the heavy night club and urban street sound influence of Hip Hop and Dance music anthems, together with his love for R&B and Soul, Marc fused his own unique style of Dance music rhythms and story based lyrics.

A product of the early Rave days, his influences include early House music icons Junior Vasquez, Armand Van Helden, and Hip Hop producers Dr. Dre and J Dilla. He also draws inspiration from Rhythm and Blues, and Jazz sounds including artists like Sade and the Philly sound of Roots, Erica Badu and Jill Scott.

“There is no method to how I write music. It just comes to me, one chord, one word, one emotion at a time”.

Marc is concurrently pursuing a filmmaking career with a feature film in post production. He’s the president of Picture Ventures, a motion picture production company.

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